Sound/Music DesignLSCD PROGRAM

Keep Training
Keep Selling
Keep on Budget
Keep on Target!

Keeping your staff informed at all times is invaluable! Not only on new product lines and sales skills but also reviewing products that have long been forgotten - thus increasing sales opportunities and your turnover.

Who knows your products better than you! In these times of cut backs and reduced training budgets the LSCD allows sales and technical managers to incorporate their own sales experience and technical knowledge in order to continue their staff training.

The LSCD package is unique to Logistical Sales Audio and offers our clients the opportunity to continue the education of their staff on a 24/7 basis. Any time day or night whether the individual is in the car or sat at home the use of the LSCD provides excellent flexibility to the end user allowing them to continue their education of product lines, technical knowledge or general company procedures.

Quote"We have found LSAudio to be both professional and efficient every time we use them” - Vetoquinol UK Ltd